Episode 24: God Hates Fangs

It’s our second fangiversary, so let’s celebrate by taking a trip not down under but down south, one step out of urban fantasy and into a small town where everyone is ridiculously good-looking and willing to get naked. What began as a paranormal mystery series by a cozy mystery writer became an HBO extravaganza, while our attempt at sticking to … Read More

A Very Special Episode 01: Rock Your Undead Body

It’s finally here: the very first Very Special Episode of the Bloodsucking Feminists! So throw your hands up in the air, wave them around like you just don’t care, and join us for some seriously bloodsucking feminist critique. Episode Details Title: Rock Your Undead Body Subject: Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) Release Date: 01/04/2017 Length: 00:25:53