Episode 33: Hostile Takeover

“Evil corporate vampire Sam Neill.”

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The last time we dipped into the science fiction end of vampirism, it was humans using science as a response to vampirism in Ultraviolet. Now it’s the vampire’s turn, using technology to shape the world around them as half the day proves lethal and humanity’s numbers dwindle.

Okay, so it does kind of devolve into standard action movie at the end, and it certainly could do better with its female characters and characters of colour, and it most definitely would have made a better TV show than a movie. But it’s a movie that got us thinking about the implications of such a world, the consequences of vampire domination, and the way people might cling to and yet deny their past humanity.

Also it has evil corporate vampire Sam Neill, which is more than enough to save it from being another movie about a vampire named Edward.

Episode Details

Title: Hostile Takeover
Subject: Daybreakers directed by Michael and Peter Spierig
Release Date: 07/02/2018
Length: 01:01:31

Trigger/Other Warnings

  • Vampire-typical violence
  • Use of humans as livestock
  • Suicide

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