Welcome to the Bloodsucking Feminists, your number one Scottish-Kiwi podcast focussed on the three Fs: Fangs, Feminism and Fangirling.

Once a month we will be discussing a different vampire-related text – which means not just books and movies, but also comics, video games and even musicals – from an intersectional feminist fangirl perspective. Nothing is free from problematic content, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something to like too.

So join us as over the next few months we discuss the Big 3 of British vampire fiction, totally not squee over Tom Hiddleston and Marc Liebisch, translate the foreign language that is Kiwi culture and hate on Michael Crawford and Roman Polanski (for very different reasons, of course).

The Team

Ceilidh is the co-editor of Bibliodaze and co-host of Bloodsucking Feminists, as well as a co-host on the podcast Anglo-Filles and one-time YA blogger for the Sparkle Project and the Book Lantern. She watched Interview With the Vampire at an inappropriately young age thanks to the family’s unattended video collection and has enjoyed vampire stories with great relish ever since, with The Hunger, From Dusk Till Dawn and all things Dracula remaining personal favourites. She continues to be the Zapp Brannigan to her co-host’s Kif.
Catherine Profile
Catherine has loved vampires since she was thirteen and started writing her first vampire novel. While that story – a tale of a girl, her estranged father, and vampire eugenics – never got past chapter four, the love of vampires remained. Over a decade later she is still writing and reading vampire novels while pretending other magical creatures are just as awesome. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand, and once saw Stu (What We Do In The Shadows) in real life. It was awesome.