Episode 08: Boarding School Suck

Teenage girls are obssessed.

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Vampires are metaphors for many things, and in no place is this more true than in Rachel Klein’s 2002 novel The Moth Diaries. In the pages of a journal written by a girl in the 1960s, the claustrophobia of a boarding school fuels the obssessions of teenage girls to gothic horror heights. Whether you believe this is a story about vampires or not, this YA novel (and sleek update of Carmilla with a heavy dose of Dracula) is worth looking at for its insights into teenage girls – not to mention a vampire tale focussed on Jewish (and not Christian) identity.

Episode Details

Title: Boarding School Sucks
Subject: The Moth Diaries by Rachel Klein
Release Date: 31/12/2015
Length: 00:46:50
Title Reference: Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. It’s up in the air in this book.

Trigger/Other Warnings

  • Mentions/discussions of anti-semitism
  • Mentions/discussions of mental illness & suicide
  • Mentions/discussions of eating disorders

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