Episode 06: Vampire Musicals Suck

Hallowe’en episode, everyone! Take a trip with us to Austria, birthplace of Mircalla Karnstein and resurrection place of… a German-language musical adaptation of a Roman Polanski film with music by Jim Steinman? Really, there’s no way to describe Tanz der Vampire in a way that does it justice. So be prepared, starchild, for discussions of women, Drew Sarich, a terrible … Read More

Episode 05: Pretentious Dishevelment

On the morning of June 02, 2013, a young mother woke up from a dream and began to write. Just over two years later, that book was published and soon became a phenomenon. It’s been ten years since Twilight was published, so take a trip back in time to 2005 and see what we remember, what do we have to … Read More