Episode 02: Undead, Oversexed, and Over Here

“Dracula is both a penis metaphor and a vagina metaphor. A penis metaphor because… hello, penetration. And a vagina metaphor because, uh, sucking and blood.”

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After seven years of research (and one nightmare caused by too much crab meat covered in mayonnaise), Bram Stoker wrote and published the seminal work Dracula. An epistolary novel, Dracula tells the story of the titular vampire’s attempted move to England from the point of view of his lawyer, his victims and their friends.

Join us as we discuss the Sisters, syphilis and other fun diseases, Lucy and her men, unintentional comedy, Mina being the perfect woman for being like a man, Dracula as an abuser and Jonathan his triggered victim, Gary Stu van Helsing, and Dracula as Count Not-Really-Appearing-In-This-Book.

Episode Details

Title: Undead, Oversexed and Over Here
Subject: Dracula by Bram Stoker
Release Date: 12 July 2015
Length: 01:18:27
Title Reference: Phrase: Oversexed, overpaid and over here

Spoiler Alert

  • Dracula (novel)
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula (movie)
  • Carmilla (novella)
  • Dracula the Un-Dead (novel)

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