Music of the Vampires: Bela Lugosi's Dead

Often considered the first gothic rock record, Bela Lugosi’s Dead was released by English post-punk band Bauhaus in 1979. At 9:36 it’s a very long song, especially since the lyrics themselves are quite short – and a good chunk of it is simply either the title or “UNDEAD UNDEAD UNDEAD”.

(Singing along with this song is a bit like being Mr Bean in church: “*mumble mumble mumble* UNDEAD UNDEAD UNDEAD!”)

Bauhaus performed a shortened version of this song in the opening credits of The Hunger, where they were credited as “Disco Group”.

Since then Bela Lugosi’s Dead has been featured in a number of television shows and films, including True Blood, American Horror Story: Hotel and Supernatural. A cover by Scottish electronic band, CHVRCH╬×S, played over the end credits of Vampire Academy.

White on white translucent black capes
Back on the rack
Bela Lugosi’s dead
The bats have left the bell tower
The victims have been bled
Red velvet lines the black box

Bela Lugosi’s dead
Bela Lugosi’s dead

Undead undead undead
Undead undead undead

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