Episode 12: As Slain On TV

“It’s Prince Humperdink in a sweater.” “With 80s hair.”

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We’re all about the vampire pop culture here at The Bloodsucking Feminists and so no movie is more fitting for us to discuss than one about using pop culture as your reference point when fighting bloodsuckers. So what could make it better? A remake with a more female-friendly eye – not to mention David Tennant in leather trousers.

So gear up for a discussion of a remake that does work, dropped plotlines and the performance of masculinity in the episode we’ve rated five crotches out of five.

Episode Details

Title: As Slain On TV
Subject: Fright Night (1985 and 2011 remake)
Release Date: 30/04/2016
Length: 01:17:33

Trigger/Other Warnings

Mentions/Discussions Of:

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Vampire-typical violence
  • Negative attitudes towards sex workers

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