Episode 16: Drew Blood

“Vampire musicals should have something you can get your teeth into.”

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Remember our sixth episode, Vampire Musicals Suck, about the German-language vampire musical Tanz der Vampire? Well nearly a year later we’re back on the topic of vampire musicals – and the ones that truly, dreadfully do suck.

From a flop hit about Dracula by the master of public domain flop hit musicals, to a small chamber musical which does the job a lot better but very few people have seen (at least, we don’t think you will), to what should have been a great hit – after all, it had all the right things, including a Bloodsucking Feminist fave who’d eventually play five vampires across three musicals – the BSF learn and discuss what does not make a good vampire musical.

And, of course, we discuss our excitement for the True Blood musical, and how it could not make the mistakes others have made.

(Apologies for the audio issues: we had some technical problems, and Catherine had trouble breathing due to a cold.)

Episode Details

Title: Drew Blood
Subject: Dracula, The Musical, Dracula: A Chamber Musical and Lestat the Musical
Release Date: 31/10/2015
Length: 01:31:00

Trigger/Other Warnings

  • Vampire-typical violence
  • Rape/Sexual Assault
  • Terrible musicals

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