Episode 04: Blood Is The Drug

In 2013, director Jim Jarmusch released a film that looked like the Bloodsucking Feminists’ – not to mention fangirls everywhere – dreams come true: a Tom Hiddleston vampire movie. With a stellar cast and beautiful visuals, it’s a veritable feast of a film. But look a little deeper, beyond the big hair and big drama, and you’ll find cultural appropriation, … Read More

Episode 03: Isn't It Byronic?

Get ready as we throw so much shade on Lord Byron even a vampire would curse the night as we touch on the last of our “big three”: The Vampyre by John William Polidori. A short episode for a short story, we’ll discuss syphilis, the pains of being Lord Byron’s doctor, that night in Geneva in the year without a … Read More

Episode 02: Undead, Oversexed, and Over Here

After seven years of research (and one nightmare caused by too much crab meat covered in mayonnaise), Bram Stoker wrote and published the seminal work Dracula. An epistolary novel, Dracula tells the story of the titular vampire’s attempted move to England from the point of view of his lawyer, his victims and their friends. Join us as we discuss the … Read More