Episode 22: Franchise Bait

Everyone loves an origin story, right? Not the Bloodsucking Feminists, who in this case firmly believe that this is one origin story that should have remained untold. Be prepared for more talk about the Universal Monsters and the upcoming reboot (and how Dracula Untold failed to be a part of the latest attempt), how the film missed both opportunities in … Read More

Episode 21: We Legit Cried

Fifteen years before Twilight, twelve years before The Moth Diaries, six years before Secret Vampire and the year before the first Vampire Diaries book, Annette Curtis Klause published her first novel about a girl struggling to deal with her mother’s impending death from cancer… when she meets a vampire. Forgotten by many YA readers, The Silver Kiss has more in … Read More

Episode 20: PVC Gone Mad

Last episode had us watch Kate Beckinsale in the role of the love interest then complain about what Universal is doing with their monster franchise. In this episode we watch Kate Beckinsale in the role of protagonist, then complain about what Universal is doing with their monster franchise… just a little less. So join us as we appreciate a vampire … Read More

Episode 19: Werewolverine

Some vampire movies are thoughtful, compelling, and faithful adaptations. Others have Hugh Jackman with really luscious hair. And do we really have a problem with that? So join us for a monster mash of a fun afternoon, as we discuss who knows what kind of movie they are in (hint: not Hugh Jackman), a paternal Dracula, and a rebooted Universal … Read More

Episode 18: What. The. Sparkle.

One year ago we did our first episode in the Twilight series, and this Halloween the scariest thing we’ve faced has been New Moon. That means you too can suffer along with us as we look back on the book after several years of ignoring it – a book, we discover, replaces the heightened longing of the first book with the scent of contractual obligation.

In this episode we discuss gaslighting and other elements of emotional abuse, the introduction and portrayal of the werewolves, silly things that think they are plots, how on earth could a book be all set-up, and sparkles. And as an added bonus, plenty of jokes about werewolf puberty.

Vampire-typical violence
Rape/Sexual Assault
Discussion of depression and mental illness.
Discussion of abusive relationships, domestic violence, and gas-lighting.
Discussion of racial stereotypes and racism

Do visit our episode page for links relevant to this topic: http://bloodsuckingfeminists.com/episode/episode-18/

Episode 17: The Immortal Profession

Way back in our ninth episode we looked at Interview With The Vampire; now in episode 17 we take a look at his second, more recent vampire film, Byzantium. It’s another course of a toxic, obssessive relationship between two vampires, only this one comes with a mother/child relationships and an examination of vampire society that truly is the upper class … Read More

Episode 16: Drew Blood

Remember our sixth episode, Vampire Musicals Suck, about the German-language vampire musical Tanz der Vampire? Well nearly a year later we’re back on the topic of vampire musicals – and the ones that truly, dreadfully do suck. From a flop hit about Dracula by the master of public domain flop hit musicals, to a small chamber musical which does the … Read More

Episode 15: Getting Biblical

In the film industry, adaptations of Bram Stoker’s famous novel are especially popular. To the dedicated fangs, these adaptations can be split into three separate but equally important groups: the good, the bad, and the so-bad-it’s-good. Dracula 2000 falls into the last. Grab your leather, open up IMDB (because you’ve seen that actor somewhere, you just know it), and blast … Read More

Episode 14: The Da Racula Code

In 2005, Little, Brown published a vampire book that rocketed to the top of the bestseller charts and became a record breaker. Actually, there were two, one of which was The Historian, a doorstopper of a novel (240 000 words!) that had people devouring the adventures of three generations of academics, as they try to solve the mystery of where … Read More

Episode 13: Now With Actual Satanism

When we picked a book entitled “Hotel Transylvania”, we expected three things: a hotel, Transylvania, and vampires. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that, while a real place, the titular location is neither a hotel nor in Transylvania. Thankfully there is a vampire, and watch us as we try and figure if this is a vampire book or a book … Read More