Episode 18: What. The. Sparkle.

One year ago we did our first episode in the Twilight series, and this Halloween the scariest thing we’ve faced has been New Moon. That means you too can suffer along with us as we look back on the book after several years of ignoring it – a book, we discover, replaces the heightened longing of the first book with the scent of contractual obligation.

In this episode we discuss gaslighting and other elements of emotional abuse, the introduction and portrayal of the werewolves, silly things that think they are plots, how on earth could a book be all set-up, and sparkles. And as an added bonus, plenty of jokes about werewolf puberty.

Vampire-typical violence
Rape/Sexual Assault
Discussion of depression and mental illness.
Discussion of abusive relationships, domestic violence, and gas-lighting.
Discussion of racial stereotypes and racism

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