Episode 10: There's Male All Up In This Gaze

Break out the Bowie and the Bauhaus because this month we are looking at The Hunger by Whitley Strieber and its movie adaptation. In this episode we’ll be discussing sexual violence, white Egyptians, and the male gaze (and how an adaptation can correct this). So in honour of the late great David Bowie, put on your best black for what … Read More

Episode 09: Shut Up, Louis

Every so often a text comes along that is a game-changer for a genre or topic. Carmilla. Dracula. Nosferatu. Buffy. Twilight (sigh). In 1976 another vampire game-changer was released: Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire. A tale of immortality, violence, grief and abuse – not to mention homoeroticism – Interview With The Vampire was released to a mixed reception but … Read More

Episode 08: Boarding School Suck

Vampires are metaphors for many things, and in no place is this more true than in Rachel Klein’s 2002 novel The Moth Diaries. In the pages of a journal written by a girl in the 1960s, the claustrophobia of a boarding school fuels the obssessions of teenage girls to gothic horror heights. Whether you believe this is a story about … Read More

Episode 07: Really Small Countries Like New Zealand

Yes, Virginia, meat raffles are actually a thing. Why? “Because,” our resident New Zealander Catherine explains, “you can win meat”. While more well-known for sweeping epic movies with loving panoramic shots of its beautiful landscape, New Zealand’s film industry also has quite the history of horror – not to mention horror comedy. Its second major vampire film, What We Do … Read More

Episode 06: Vampire Musicals Suck

Hallowe’en episode, everyone! Take a trip with us to Austria, birthplace of Mircalla Karnstein and resurrection place of… a German-language musical adaptation of a Roman Polanski film with music by Jim Steinman? Really, there’s no way to describe Tanz der Vampire in a way that does it justice. So be prepared, starchild, for discussions of women, Drew Sarich, a terrible … Read More

Episode 05: Pretentious Dishevelment

On the morning of June 02, 2013, a young mother woke up from a dream and began to write. Just over two years later, that book was published and soon became a phenomenon. It’s been ten years since Twilight was published, so take a trip back in time to 2005 and see what we remember, what do we have to … Read More

Episode 04: Blood Is The Drug

In 2013, director Jim Jarmusch released a film that looked like the Bloodsucking Feminists’ – not to mention fangirls everywhere – dreams come true: a Tom Hiddleston vampire movie. With a stellar cast and beautiful visuals, it’s a veritable feast of a film. But look a little deeper, beyond the big hair and big drama, and you’ll find cultural appropriation, … Read More

Episode 03: Isn't It Byronic?

Get ready as we throw so much shade on Lord Byron even a vampire would curse the night as we touch on the last of our “big three”: The Vampyre by John William Polidori. A short episode for a short story, we’ll discuss syphilis, the pains of being Lord Byron’s doctor, that night in Geneva in the year without a … Read More

Episode 02: Undead, Oversexed, and Over Here

After seven years of research (and one nightmare caused by too much crab meat covered in mayonnaise), Bram Stoker wrote and published the seminal work Dracula. An epistolary novel, Dracula tells the story of the titular vampire’s attempted move to England from the point of view of his lawyer, his victims and their friends. Join us as we discuss the … Read More